Anesthesia has come a long way in the last 100 years, for both people and animals. Burlington Veterinary Center uses the finest in modern anesthesia monitoring equipment, extensively trained anesthesia technicians, and we utilize a wide variety of today's anesthetics customized for your pet to insure the safety and security of your pet's anesthesia event. 
Burlington Veterinary Center provides great care and attention to appropriate pain management, supportive recovery, and post-operative rehabilitation. As a result, our patients benefit from significantly reduced pain and faster recovery times.
Before any surgical procedure, pre-anesthetic bloodwork is performed (usually within one month of the procedure) to assess adeqate blood cells, as well as appropriate kidney and liver function.
The night prior to anesthesia, do not offer your pet any food after 10:00pm. It is okay for your pet to have water up until the morning of surgery. It is important that anesthesia be administered when your pet has an empty stomach.
If your pet is on any medication, a consultation with the doctor is advised before giving any medication, as the above fasting instructions may be altered. 
 On the day of surgery, admission will take about 10 minutes. You will meet with a Veterinary Technician and discuss the treatment plan for the day. 
To start the anesthesia process, a pre-emptive analgesic/sedative will be administered to relax your pet while helping to decrease the overall amount of anesthesia needed for the procedure.
An intravenous catheter will be placed, usually in one of the front legs. Be aware that there will be a small shaved are in this location. Through the IV catheter, there will be an infusion of fluids to help maintain blood pressure levels and ensure adequate perfusion of blood to the body's major organs, as well as to provide access to administer appropriate medications. Your pet will be given an injectable anesthesia and then maintained on inhalant anesthesia via endotracheal tube. 
Sx1 A Veterinary technician will be monitoring your pet while under anesthesia. We  also use state-of-the art monitoring equipment to measure such parameters as ECG (electrical activity of the  heart), Blood Pressure (to ensure the heart is delivering blood adequately throughout the body), and Pulse Oximetry (tracking the level of oxygen being delivered by the blood through the body). We also maintain a detailed record of the anesthetic event recording vital signs/condition throughout the surgery. Your pet's body temperature will be supported with a circulating, warm water blanket.
As a courtesy for all anesthetic patients, we routinely trim nails, clean ears, and express anal glands. 
 During recovery, we provide your pet a quiet, comfortable area with plenty of soft bedding and circulating warm  water blankets. 
Our surgical recovery area is constantly staffed by Veterinary Technicians who help ensure a comfortable recovery for your pet. Their care includes frequent vital sign monitoring until recovery is complete, as well  as an effective pain management protocol.
Sx4We will contact you when your pet is recovering to update you on your pet's condition, as well as to confirm a discharge time. 
To help you speed your pet's complete recovery, we will give you detailed instructions for post-operative, at home care including surgical site care, monitoring, medications, and the possible need for an e-collar. 

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Emergencies during office hours will be seen right away. Please call ahead. After hours please contact either:

Veterinary Emergency Center
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Avon Veterinary Emergency Referral
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Fri 5 pm – Mon 8 am
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