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At BVC, we believe that puppy class is the best way to start socializing puppies in a positive environment and helps to raise a friendly, well adjusted, happy canine.
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What are the benefits of puppy class?

Puppy classes engage the puppy’s focus through physical interaction with the family members. It’s important that all those who will be living with puppy understand the importance of maintaining a consistent training regimen as the puppy develops. This highly fun and interactive class will demonstrate the importance of appropriate leash behavior, basic commands and most importantly interactions with other strangers and their pets! The audience of puppy class is targeted for puppies of all breeds and sizes aging from 8 weeks up to 16 weeks of age. This is an especially important time in the puppy’s life because they begin to make associations with specific stimuli. By establishing positive reinforcement tactics you ca
n mold a confident young puppy who will then carry these same behaviors into adult hood and become a better companion for you!

What to expect:
You can anticipate the course of the program to be completed in 5 weeks with a small group of usually 4-5 other puppies each class. The class offers hands on approach to learning and the ability to consult with one of our very own vet techs for any and all your puppy questions!
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How Much, When and Where
Puppy socialization classes are held right here at the Burlington Vet Center on Wednesday evenings, typically from 6pm to 7pm. Classes are offered to puppies of 16 weeks of age and UNDER by class start date.

Classes run for 5 weeks and cost $125.00. Call our office to register and come join the fun!
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