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How to Help Your Pet Beat the Heat

Summer's here and in full swing. A lot of us love getting outside and spending the sunny days with out pets. But it can be easy to forge that our furry companions can get over heated in the hot weather. Dogs and cats can sweat through their paws but not enough to help keep them cool. Dog's keep themselves cool through panting. If their body temperature reaches 106 Fahrenheit, then they are in danger of heat exhaustion.
How do you know if your pet is overheating? Some signs you can look for are excessive panting, weakness, bright red tongue or excessive drooling. Some dogs such as boxers, pugs and bulldogs are at a higher risk of overheating. You should also be careful with very young and very old dogs as well. How can you keep you keep your dog safe and cool?
  • Always provide plenty of water
  • Be careful when walking on tar or pavement- if it's too hot for your bare feet then it's too hot for their paws
  • Never leave them in a car
  • Be especially careful with dogs with flat faces like pugs and bulldogs- they are at a higher risk of overheating
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What do you do if you think your pet is overheating?
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